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I can't believe that I haven't posted since October 1st. It has been a crazy month. My daughter Samantha participated in the Miss West Sound Outstanding Teen Competition. She really had a wonderful time learning about presenting yourself as well as having a cause to support. Here she is at the competition. She also had a wonderful "Pearl Princess". Her name is Natalie.

Samantha in Blue with Bella

Samantha with her Pearl Princess, Natalie
Recently, I went with my sister-n-law, Arla to a home of her friend's grandmother. She used to be a Stampin' Up! demonstrator for many years. She is now in assisted living, and we were asked to come and help clean up and organize all of her wonderful Stampin' UP! products. We stayed for the day organizing and deciding what would be donated or even sold to help support the cost of assisted living.

I've also had to postpone my stamping classes for a bit. We have had some issues with leaking into my stamping room, which used to be a garage. We remodeled years ago, but now have a little work to do. My stamping room is a mess. Take a look.

The Ribbon Storage Tip comes from Lola, which is the grandmother of the house we went to above. Why I never thought of this, I'll never understand. Lola had tons of ribbons from Stampin' Up! and other local ribbons. She was so smart to take care of the ribbon once it was opened. You know how it unspools itself and you end up with ribbon string everywhere. Well, Lola put her sewing smarts to play. You know how spools of thread have that "slot" to put the thread back in so it doesn't unravel? Well Lola snipped a slit on her ribbon spools for the same idea. If not the slit, she also used a pin to hold down the end like a pin cushion. When we were at Lola's home cleaning up her stamping room, I found this to be so cool and wish I had connected my sewing and stamping together. I hope you find this tip a good one as well. Be sure to share my blog if you do.

Happy Stampin',
Mary Blocher
The Power Huff Stamper

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