Creative Ways to Display your Cards
Hi Everyone, I recently went to Spokane for an education conference. I was able to catch a few antique and vintage shops. These are two items I bought to display some cards from swaps and other things in my workshop room. I just put them up today. I hope you enjoy and get some ideas on your own creative space.

Ribbon holds up my samples
the bottom has an opening to have cards sitting in.

The frames with chicken wire is getting so popular
I loved the country yellow. I'm using the small
clothes pins to attach my samples.
In Spokane and the surrounding areas, there are tons of shops. I will have to go back when they are open. Most close by 6:00, so when you are at workshops that go until 4:00, it doesn't leave much time. Here are a few of the vendor displays that really got me thinking about my crafting. Enjoy!

I wanted to buy all these frames. For some reason I'm into the trend.

A great idea for along the wall.

I thought this old door was a great way to display things.
I don't have room for anything like this, but how cool!
I hope you enjoyed some of these fun ways to display your beautiful projects. I am having fun adding some vintage things to my craft area. I'll be sure to blog more when I get my other "finds" up.
Happy Stampin',
Mary Blocher
the Power Huff Stamper

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